Two Window


The Process

I'm comfortable working out of many commercial studios and also provide on-location recording with a mobile Pro-Tools rig. I offer overdubs, editing, and mixing from my home studio. 
  • Determine how many songs we're doing

  • Flesh out song structure, parts, key etc.

  • Record demos 

  • ​Decide on takes, locking in performances

  • Enhance if needed with pitch correction or timing adjustments

  • Enter studio for basics (drums, bass, guitar)

  • Overdub lead parts and vocals

  • Sprinkle fairy dust

  • Balance individual elements

  • Bring your vision to life

  • Send to mastering


You focus on the performance. I focus on pushing the big red button. 


Drum timing and sample replacement, pitch-correction, re-amping


Depth. Width. Impact.  The only question you need to ask is, "does this sound awesome?" 

Artists I've worked with

Bad Rabbits

Dropkick Murphys

Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad)

Glee Soundtrack (Volume 2)


Goddamn Draculas

Brian Marquis


I began recording music in high school on a Barbie karaoke machine. Seven years later I was a staff engineer at one of Boston's most revered recording studios.

Two Window Recording takes rock and metal band's music to the next level by delivering incredible sounding mixes that melt your audience's mind.

I work with musicians in my home studio and any other space I can wear my slippers. 

Want Mixes that melt your  mind?